Our Guides



SONJA was born and bred in Graz, Austria. Ten years ago she fell in love with London at first sight. Since then she is fascinated by the history, the lifestyle and the possibilities of this incredible city. Her job as a tour guide is more of a deep passion than hard work.

Languages: English, German, Austrian



Uli Hoeschele


ULRICH is a businessman and a globetrotter but his home lies in London. Five years ago he started to put his vast knowledge about London to good use by guiding our guests to the most extraordinary places.

Languages: English, German, Schwäbisch



Ilona Wetzel

ILONA lives in London for 26 years and she is still in love with the city. We can honestly say that she knows every nook and cranny, every building, every place and every story. She is not only an awfully enjoyable person, she is also a great guide.

Languages: English, German