Welcome to your next London V.I.P. Tour. Designing your adventure, is our pleasure. Come in and enjoy the ride.

Tour with a London Lover

Bespoke guided tours are our speciality. Whether you are an adept London maven or you are new to the city, we will find the right adventure for your, no matter the time, preferences or language.

LEO, Your personal online tour

Meet LEO, your Live Exclusive Online tour. You can not make it this year or you would like a sneak peak upfront? We will guide you online and show you exactely what you were looking for.

Book your tour via video or phone.

You are looking for a stylish and exiting tour with a flexible and knowledgeable guide? We will design it for you. Book your complimentary video appointment today or let us give you a call back.

Travel & Tourism Professionals

When it comes to London, planing is everything. From tourist attractions to active-, transport- and leisuretime. Everything must be coordinated to ensure the optimal fun-factor. Our accomplished business partners value our ‘spot on’ lokal tour design.