Our Theme Guides

Our Theme Guides show a deep dedication for their special tours. Each London 4U theme-tour has been exclusively designed for our guests. With the little something, you can not buy anywhere else. You can also enjoy your tour via LEO.

Our price starts from 120 GBP for up to four guests. Add 25 GBP per additional guest. Tours must be booked in advance. Additional Language Guides can be provided upon request. Average timeframe: 2-3 hours. 

SONJA is an accredited IKTS Guide, a member of the International Aquila Guides and founder of London 4U. Born in Austria, she is happy to take you on a journey and talk about fine arts, theatre, film- and film locations and London storytellers. She also works as a German language guide.

Harry Potter

“The Boy Who Lived” did not only conquer our hearts but also the big City. Visit the most magical places in London. Follow in the footsteps of J.K. Rowling during her time in the city as she mysteriously transformed ordinary places into extraordinary locations. From Gringotts to 9 ¾  – let the magic beginn.

Duration: 2-3 hours; Primary languages: English, German

Sherlock (as in Holmes)

Discover the filming locations of world-famous film series. ‘Sherlock’ (Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman) was the first Holmes series to be produced on the very streets of London. Find the filming location’s hidden gems, discover the exact spot where Watson was fooled into witnessing Sherlock’s death and top off your experience with a visit to 221B Baker Street (admission fee not included).

Duration: 3-4 hours; Primary languages: English, German

007 and the man behind the golden typewriter

Ian Fleming was a spy – or not. He worked with British Intelligence during WW2- maybe. Later, using a golden typewriter, he wrote stories about his fellow field agents – for sure. Walk in the very footsteps of the British underground and learn how fact and fiction are intertwined in the world’s most infamous tale of a gentleman spy. 

Duration: 3 hours; Primary languages: English, German

MARIO is a fully qualified Green Badge, City of London Guide and on the Committee for the City of London Guide Lecturers Association. He leads groups through the well – known, and lesser – known sights, streets, alley-ways and aspects of the ancient City of London, and its 2000 year old history. From architecture and history to literature and commerce. All to be found within the Roman Walls of the late first century.

Gallows, Hallows, Trade and Stakes – Smithfield Market

Smithfield Livestock Market is one of the bloodiest locations in The City. The scene of bloody executions, burning heretics, religious orders and “All smear with filth and fat and blood and foam”. Only for visitors with strong nerves.

Duration: 2-3 hours; Primary languages: English, Italian

Jenny is a registered Clerkenwell and Islington Guide and for the last 29 years she is specialising in the darker side of London’s history. Fascinated by this topic she is always looking for gruesome, mysterious incidents in London’s history to add to her list. 

Jack the Ripper

The world’s most elusive serial killer, who has never been identified. Who was he? Why did he kill 6 prostitutes in Whitechapel in 1888 then just stop as suddenly as he began? Book with us a most exclusive tour, possibly including the Ripper himself.

Duration: 2-3 hours; Primary language: English

Sweeney Todd

The Demon Barber of Fleet St, a man who supposedly killed his clients and took their remains to be made into meat pies by Mrs Lovette in her bakery. Was he a real man or a fictional character? You will have the answers and all the skin crawling details on this tour.

Duration: 2-3 hours; Primary language: English

The Gangsters of Soho

Are you fascinated by crime and gangsters?  This walk will answer your questions about the Sabinis, the Messins brothers, Billy Hill, Jack Spot and the Krays and their gangs. Exclusively told by someone who lived and worked in Soho from the 60’s-70’s and knows what went on behind the scenes.

Duration: 2-3 hours; Primary language: English

ALBERT is an experienced stadium tour guide at both Wembley Stadium and Chelsea FC. You want to see what happens behind the scenes of two of London’s most famous stadiums,  Alber will give you a VIP  tour – and much more. Bespoke packages are also available and must be booked two weeks in advance [price on request].

Meet Wembley

What can I see? Behind the scenes.

Duration: 2-3 hours; Primary language: English

Chelsea and More

What can I see? Behind the scenes.

Duration: 2-3 hours; Primary language: English