Team Building Events

Each week the average employee spends:

49 hours sleeping

40 hours with their colleagues

30 hours on TV and social media

28 hours on household chores

15 hours commuting

7 hours on personal care

That leaves exactly -1 hour for having some fun-time.


Apparently, we spend the best part of our valuable time with our team at work. It can not be said often enough: Team Building Events (TBE) are important. They take us out of our daily routine; they give us the opportunity to see our team from a different angle; they make sure that we understand each other even better. After a good TBE weekend the group comes back to work relaxed and strong. Ready to start a new and successful year.

The TBE should be memorable, useful and fun. And it should provide the team with a result. TBEs in London are coming into fashion. Some of them can be incredible fun, but not all of them include professional team building guidance.

Sonja has been working as a psychological counsellor since 2002, and she has been working as a London tour guide since 2015. She enjoys sharing the hidden stories and special places of this unique town. The combination of both professions leads to an exceptional approach to team building management. Imagine you are going on a big adventure with the people you ‘know so well’. Sonja will provide you and your team with both a mind-blowing and an eye-opening experience.


What you can expect:

Upfront meeting with the CEO and – if in the team – the team coach: illustration of the event, goals discussion

Morning tailor-made adventure with the team in the city (up to 4 hours). Constant observation by the counsellor

Noon snack and relaxing hour in a great place in the city

Afternoon review, pointing out important issues, working on the team (up to 3 hours)

Fade out …


Should you be interested in how this event might work for your team please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.