Business & Private

Possibility A:

We all have close friends who are eager to visit us in the big city. Naturally, we want to entertain them accordingly. You know, the usual (Big Ben, St. Paul’s, The Tower), or maybe Kew Gardens, Covent Garden or little Venice? As a matter of fact the possibilities for enjoying yourself in London are endless. We have festivals every single day. London has 350 museums and there are roughly two dozen castles you can visit. And that’s not all! Why don’t you hire a professional guide who can turn this special day into an awesome memory?


Possibility B:

Your relatives are coming over but on that very same day a business opportunity comes up which you can not possibly miss. Letting your family loose in the middle of the biggest city in Europe can result in serious disappointment. This is a chance to show off with your good connections. Hire a guide from us and give your loved ones the perfect day. This service includes:

Pick up from the hotel, or wherever you would like

Age-appropriate entertainment

Special wishes / places / events

Nice places to drink coffee or to eat a snack

Drop off at the place of your choice, and you can take it from there


Just get in touch with us to make the arrangements:

When would you like to book a guide?

Which language would you prefer?

Where can we pick you up?

What would you like to see / to do?

How long is your time frame?


Once we have determined all these details we will be happy to give you an estimate for your tailor-made tour.