Who was Gundulf?

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In 1066 the Norman bastard Guillaume – or as he called himself later: William I, the conqueror – had finally managed to occupy all England. All England? No, there was this tiny little village, no more than a square mile. The citizens of that little Londinium were hiding behind their impregnable roman wall and William did conquer no more. He managed to strike a deal with the city – mind you not a very good one – and decided to rather impress the Anglo-Saxons with his architectural skills. Well, not exactly his skills but that of a faithful servant. A servant, not only faithful but also a man of faith; Gundulf the priest came with William the conqueror all the way from Normandy to find himself made a Bishop of the lovely town of Rochester. Him being so much more than just a faithful servant of the mother church, he also designed a perfect fortress for his earthly master. The first Tower is still standing in Rochester. Its twin brother is the impressive White Tower of London.
Nearly a millennium later a young college professor in Oxford named J.R.R. Tolkien decided to create out of history the best known story on earth. The bishop became a wizard named Gundulf the Gray and The Two Towers not only set in stone but also in ink. May they live forever.

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